Saturday, April 3, 2010

March 8th-April 2rd, 2010

Wow. I am so far behind. Life has gotten in the way over the past couple weeks and I have been terrible about taking pictures. I was going to abadon the project because it wasn't going to be perfect, but then I reminded myself that perfection is over-rated. So here is a random collection of pictures from the past 3 weeks. I'm going to get back on track and start back with daily pictures. Wish me luck.

Checking out the Pantry

Dad and Finn: A Self Portrait


So over his 7 month photoshoot

Loves going out for a walk

Such a Boy!

Cutie Pie

Love those rolls!

Recycling starts early

All Smiles

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Hi Mom!

This makes Mom nervous, but Finn loves it.



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  1. Glad you didn't abandon this! I love looking at the pictures!